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Welcome all who visit our site!

I am Antal Molnár, owner of Rottweiler Vom Extrem Kennel and Kennel-work. We purchased our first Rottweiler, Yakuza Amy; and we increased the number of our females with Gitta Kisteleki still in the same year.

Our first litter was born in 1994 following the breeding of Gitta Kisteleki with the A.D.R.K. stud Sigo von Marianenthal. 10 puppies were born, one of which was Extrem Adél, our future lead breeding female. Later on she achieved A.D.R.K. 2.TPr.

Our second litter included our kennel’s greatest pride ever Extrem Anka, who became Hungarian Club Winner and Hungarian Champion in 1997.

The third litter brought two talents, Bia Vom Extrem Hungarian Club Winner and Hungarian Champion in 1998 and Bertold Vom Extrem Champion in both Romania and Hungary.

It was Carlos Vom Extrem who brought fame to our fourth litter winning RPJ and Class Titles.

The fifth litter gave two Hungarian Champions Dusty and Dascha Vom Extrem, with their owners just very proud of them both. In the same year, following four successful litters, we received the Master Kennel title. In the following period, we involved the offspring of our first generation, all of which turned out fairly successful too.

In 2001 we successfully tried breeding with the World Champion Bronko Od Dragicevica. From 2003 however, we have only been trying to breed with A.D.R.K. studs which can only bring further quality improvement to our kennel. Our only intention is to strictly follow the standards of their motherland focusing on collation of Dysplasia and pushing Rottweilers with excellent wesen.

Let us hereby wish successful work for all who deal with Rottweilers at the shows, competitions nevertheless in having successful litters.

Antal Molnár

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